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Brief Introduction of Plastic Recycling Technology

Brief Introduction of Plastic Recycling Technology Author: Anna     Date: Jul 25,2019

Plastic recycling and disposal of solid waste of plastics use petroleum and coal as raw materials to produce plastics instead of natural macromolecule materials. It has gone through a difficult process, and a whole generation of outstanding chemists have worked hard to achieve the excellent physical and chemical properties and durability of plastics. Plastic has replaced a large number of traditional packaging materials with its characteristics of light weight, durability, beauty and low price, which has promoted a revolution in packaging industry. But beyond the expectation of glue, it is precisely these excellent properties of plastics that produce a large number of durable and non-perishable plastic waste. Plastic packaging discarded in large quantities after use has become a major hazard to the environment. The main reason is that these plastic garbage is difficult to deal with and can not be decomposed into dust. In the existing municipal solid waste, the proportion of plastics has reached 15% - 20%, and most of them are disposable plastic packaging products. The disposal of plastic waste is not only a problem of the plastic industry, but also a widespread concern of the international community.

In order to meet the needs of protecting the earth's environment, many new environmental technologies and waste plastic recycling equipment have been developed in the world plastic recycling business. In terms of saving resources, it is mainly to improve the product's aging resistance, prolong its life, and for multi-function and appropriate product design. In terms of resource reuse, we mainly study the efficient separation of plastic waste recycling, separation technology, efficient melt recycling technology, chemical recycling technology, fully biodegradable materials, water-soluble materials, edible film. In the reduction technology, we mainly study the compression and volume reduction technology of waste plastics and the technology of thin film bag container. On the premise of ensuring the application performance, we should try to use thin technology for products. In the development of CFC substitutes, carbon dioxide foaming technology is mainly studied. In the research of substitutes, we mainly develop PVC and PVDC substitutes.

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