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Copper Wire Recycling Machine
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Copper Wire Recycling Machine

ROTECHO’s copper wire recycling line is specially designed to deal with the waste copper wire and tiny cables that can’t recycle with a portable cable stripper. The complete procedure consist of crushing, dust collector and copper & plastic separating, a high separation ratio of 99% enables us to recycle copper more efficient with fewer losses.

Standard Configuration: crusher, conveyor, dust collector, copper & plastic separator.

Raw material application:

Waste cable wire size within 20mm in diameter, such as earphone wire, automobile wires, motorcycle wires, USB data line, refrigerator tiny circuit, air conditioner wires, computer circuit, etc.

Working efficiency: 100 kg/h-800 kg/h

Final particle size: 30mm (adjustable)

NOTE: We can also design the strong magnetic separation as per your need.


ROTECHO copper wire granule recycling process is a dry method procedure, we use the high-pressure separation technology to get a high purity of copper particle from the mixture, the separation ratio can be 99%. we can also add strong magnetic system to extract the 1% as per your need.

Flow chart of copper wire granule recycling:

copper wire granulator recycling process

  1. Feeding: We should guarantee the raw material is debated and uniformly feeding to avoid the chunk in the crushing process.

  2. Crushing: waste wire and scrap cable will be crushed into particle size in this step, if the copper wire is too big, we should use a shredder to do the first step before crushing. 

  3. Copper & plastic Separation: strong airflow and continuously vibrate screen movement will separate the copper particle from the plastic wrappings. This high-pressure separation design enables us to get a high separation ratio of 99% to make recycling more efficiency.

  4. Dust collector: the dust collector system can collect 98% dust generated, which will ensure your working store be tidy and clean.

Feature of scrap copper wire recycling machine:

  1. There is no water or chemical additive in recycling, a dry type recycling technology enables us to get high-quality copper particles without pollution.

  2. Compacted structure collect the function of feeding, cooling, sound insulation in a body, can complete the work with high efficiency.

  3. The High-pressured static electricity separation technology guarantee a high separating ratio.

  4. Crusher blades and screen goes through a wear resistance treatment, that will have a longer service time.

Raw material of copper wire recycling machine:

raw material of copper wire granulator

Parameter of copper wire scrap machine:






Raw material size

0.5 mm-20 mm

Working efficiency

150-200 kg/h

400-600 kg/h

500-700 kg/h

600-800 kg/h


27 kw

37 kw

45 kw

55 kw

Space size

320*210*230 cm

750*480*300 cm

820*500*300 cm

880*500*300 cm


Samples produced by copper wire granulator machine

Copper Wire Recycling Machine
Thanks for your constant attention and efforts in the waste resource recycling industry, let's work together to create a greener planet for our future generations.
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