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Design Method of Plastic Subtraction

Design Method of Plastic Subtraction Author: Anna     Date: Aug 06,2019

The R&D Department considers the need for recycling and disassembly when designing products. The material suitable for plastic recycling in the United States does not focus on which plastic is the best choice for making individual parts, but on materials that can be widely used. This is a revolutionary change in conception.

In order to facilitate plastic waste recycling, designers began to avoid using a variety of plastics when designing products. BMW of USA is planning to reduce its new car design by 40% in order to facilitate the recycling of waste plastics. The reason why the automotive industry reduces the types of plastics used and considers the additionality in design is that it expects to win a good image of environmental protection and be appreciated by consumers. At present, this design concept is gradually infecting the entire plastic processing industry.

Nevertheless, efforts from all sides are still unable to extinguish any of the 20 kinds of plastics available on the market. After all, product auditory diversity has led to the ever-changing variety of plastics, such as plastics used in electronic computers and plastics used in automobiles.

To this end, the experts suggest that the recycling standards should be formulated, stipulating that special industries can only use designated materials, otherwise effective recycling can not be controlled. The electronic and automotive industries have begun to formulate such standards.

The plastic recycling business has attracted much attention in the world electronics and electrical market. IBM has begun to code the plastic parts of computers and commercial machines, and is developing recyclable plastic electronic parts and simplifying the product structure of disassembly equipment. At the same time, it is considering the elimination of surface coloring of components. To control the amount of external adhesives of plastic additives and reduce the use of non-recyclable process parts and additional parts.

Recycling of waste automotive parts has also made great progress. Recyclable and easy-to-recycle is the premise of material selection and product design for automotive plastic parts in many countries. Some countries have formulated effective standard recycling numbers and plans for automotive plastics parts, and are considering the development of a unified marking system conducive to the disassembly and sorting of automotive plastics. European and American countries are also studying chemical depolymerization to recycle automotive plastics.

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