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Egg Tray Production Line
Egg Tray Production Line
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Egg Tray Production Line

Rotecho's egg tray production line is mainly used to recycle waste papers into valuable paper trays for different light good packing solution, the paper molded product have an excellent buffer function in the crush to protect the wrapped items.

Raw material application:

All kinds of waste and used papers including cardboard, paper mill waste, newspaper, old magazine, waste paper package, paper packing filler, express carton box etc.

Egg tray feature: 

Compact structure avoid egg damage in transportation, 100% from recycled paper pulp, environment-friendly.

Loading capacity: range from 50kg to 80kg.

NOTE: we provide single machine, complete production line and proposal for retrofitting your existing facilities.

Egg Tray Manufacturing Process

This egg tray production line is developed to use waste papers as raw material to make paper plate or carton box used in light good packaging field, such as egg tray, egg carton, egg box, apple tray, seedling tray, shoe tray, coffee cup tray etc. Rotecho's egg tray making process mainly includes pulping, molding, drying and hot pressing, standard working efficiency is 500pcs/h to 8000pcs/h, we accept customized solution based on your specific requirements.

egg tray production line

1. Pulping section: Pulping system consists of hydrapulper machine and pulp tank, refiner machine, blending and control cabinet. With the help of pulp-sink pool, we can get a pulp concentration between 0.8%-1% for the moulding process. VIEW MORE+

2. Moulding section: Paper pulp moulding machine can absorb the fine pulp uniformly attached on the mould surface to form a wet mould and transfer to the dryer part automatically. VIEW MORE+

3. Drying section: There are three temperature area in the dryer to reduce the wet mold moisture to 2% for storage. We have three types of pulp dryer for option, which mainly depends on the site space, environmental requirement and investment. Heating resource can be coal, gas, diesel oil according to the cost. VIEW MORE+

4. Hot pressing and packing section: If the customer is particular with the final paper plate, a kind of hot press machine can make the dry plate more smooth and durable in function. The pneumatic packing machine can pack the well dry plate in various quantity standard for delivery. VIEW MORE+


Vacuum pump, Slurry pulp, Air compressor, Vacuum tank, Air storage tank, Hot pressing machine etc.

Advantage of Egg Tray Production Line

1. Raw material approach: Waste paper is widely distribute around us, some government even supply economic support when dealing with the waste paper recycling problem. 

2. Labor cost: Compared with the traditional or semi-automatic line that will need 10-15 person to run it fluently, our 5000 pcs/h egg tray production line only  need 4-6 person;

3. Water consumption: Our special water cycle system enable the 5000pcs/h production line use only 1000 kg/h full-fill the work.

4. Fuel consumption: As known that dryer consumption occupy the the most in the complete production, our dryer structure go through 3 generations’ innovation, that only use 187 kg coal (90㎡gas) per hour. 

5. Space saving: We have different proposal as per your space requirement, it’s more flexible, dryer length range from 22m-60m. 

6. Technical support: Except for the installation and common after-sale service, we also provide the complete manufacturing skill guidance, will update with the energy saving tips and industrial news continuously.

Egg Tray Production Line Information

All the parameter based on the 30-pockets egg tray of 300*300mm and dry weight of 65-70g. Rotecho can offer customized proposal on specially requirement, such as production capacity, final product quality requirement, raw material, land space, mechanical configuration, etc.

Model               Capacity               Drying method               Working size          Power consumption    
RT-P360360 pcs/hSun drying3*2.2*2.3 m18.5KW
drying yard≥80㎡
RT-P720720 pcs/hSun drying6*2.5*3 m31KW
drying yard≥160㎡
RT-P10001000 pcs/hSun drying10*8*4.5 m38KW
drying yard≥200㎡
RT-P27002700 pcs/hSingle-layer dryer50*10*4.5 m155.5kw
Length: 36 m
RT-P36003600 pcs/hMulti-layer dyer30*10*4.5 m183.5kw
Length: 15 m
RT-P50005000 pcs/hMulti-layer dyer30*10*4.5 m303kw
Length: 20m
RT-P60006000 pcs/hMulti-layer dyer35*10*4.5 m339kw
Length: 25m
RT-P80008000 pcs/hMulti-layer dyer40*10*6m380kw
Length: 30m


Here are the common molded pulp tray we've made currently. we can also do customized mold by the real sample or drawing, FREE sample can be provided for customer test.

Egg Tray Production Line
Egg Tray Production Line & FAQ & News & Blog
Egg Tray Production Line
Thanks for your constant attention and efforts in the waste resource recycling industry, let's work together to create a greener planet for our future generations.
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