Henan Rotecho Industrial Co., Ltd.


  • Q1: Are you trader or manufacturer?



    Rotecho is a group industry manufacturer, which covers wood recycling, paper recycling, plastic recycling and tire recycling solutions and processing equipment. We were born to simplify the exporting and supply efficient & professional service for customer. For more information, please move to our HISTORY page.

  • Q2: How to confirm you are a manufacturer?

    A: We welcome world-wise customer visit here at any time. Firstly, we can show you our workshop, technical team, working office, etc. Secondly, we can also show you different scale cases in domestic for reference. Thirdly, we can invite our machine's end-user to share experience and processing tips with you, which will give you a fresh idea to some degree.

  • Q3: What is your priority than other supplier?

    A: This is a vital question and determines how long we will survive.

    * Technical innovation

    Technical innovation is the eternal principle in this ever-changing time, which stimulate us to improvement continuously in the past 22 years. We obtain patents in each industry, became an innovative example and be highly praised by the government .

    * Strict quality control system

    All the machinery manufacturing in accordance with ISO's quality standard principle, in addition, each machine will go through testing running before delivery.

    * Perfect service system

    We have a complete service system, for the detail items please move to SERVICE page.

    * Professional Team

    All of our engineers have over 15 years'experience in designing, welding and installation, and marketing sales with 12 years' experience. ROTECHO is so lucky to gather those excellent people to provide a perfect service for you here.

  • Q4: Do you provide customized solution and turn-key project?

    A: Yes. Each customer is special, as a manufacturer, we are more flexible in the customized service. Firstly, you should share with us your concerns and ideas for the modification on the basis of standard configuration, secondly, integrate customer's concerns and request, our engineer will study and estimate this feasibility, they would come up with a practical suggestion for your estimate. Thirdly, we will work together with the customer to set the final proposal.

  • Q5: Do you provide the installation service?

    A: Surely, this is absolutely YES. We will confirm the installation details when the order is settled. Firstly, we will arrange the engineer visa in advance. Secondly, our sales will forward some processing tips for customer reference. Thirdly, engineer will leave for customer's place for installation and debugging, he will make a further presentation on the processing tips and worker training. Finally, engineer will stay for other couple days to ensure the production stable running without his assistance.

  • Q6: What is the guarantee items of your machinery?

    A: Guarantee time is 2 years, malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for ROTECHO. Other malfunctions which are caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc will be responsible for YOU.

  • Q7: What is the additional service value in my cooperation with ROTECHO?

    A: Amazing, Surprising, Comfortable

    * We will send different birthday gift every year.

    * Customer will get compensation for the delivery delay.

    * We provide import consulting and shopping guidance in China.

    All those items are basic, there are more surprise await for you in the order confirmation.

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