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Hot Press Machine
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Hot Press Machine

Hot press is one of the main auxiliary equipment in the pulp recycling production line. This system mainly includes hot press machine, automatic tray stacking system, tableware trimming machine and packing machine. 

Configuration: semi-automatic and fully automatic

Working efficiency: supplement for production from 1000 pcs/h to 8000 pcs/h

NOTE: All those items are easy to operate and maintain, the output are synchronised with pulp molding machine , you can choose them according to the quality demands of local market.


Molded pulp product manufacturing assistant equipment plays an important role in the whole process, either of them will assist you to get a competitive product with beautiful surface and compact structure in every aspects. Here is a overview of each item as followed. 

* Stacking system: 

It devices at the end of dryer, aim to take replace of labor operation, which can gather the final product with high efficiency and zero error. The infrared sensor can complete the accounting with high precision, it is widely used in every egg tray production, coffee cup tray production and egg carton production.

* Hot press machine: 

This type hot press machine also named re-mold machine, as known that the molded product will be little shrink or twisty after drying process, this machine use the hydraulic pressure to make the twist product more flat and smooth before packing. It's mainly work with pulp molding plant and paper tray forming machine.

* Packing Machine: 

Packing machine use the hydraulic principle to pack dozens trays tightly in a bale to save much more space for delivery. 

* Trimming Machine:

Trimming machine is specially designed for tableware production line, that mainly to make the tableware with a perfect size and smooth ridge. 

Hot Press Machine
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Hot Press Machine
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