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How to Start Your Exclusive Waste Paper Recycling Business?

How to Start Your Exclusive Waste Paper Recycling Business? Author: Anna     Date: Oct 04,2019

As mentioned before, what is waste paper recycling? What we would like to share with you is the most popular process of different recycling method, and how to choose your suitable waste paper recycling solution?


Waste paper can be made into two main new products, that is recycled paper and package product.


1. The process of recycled paper mainly includes deinking, purification of paper fibers and removal of ink and impurities. Then there are four processes in paper making. According to the type of ink, deinking technology is selected, and paper fiber and soap deinking agent are sent into the deinking room composed of two chambers so that the ink and impurities float to the surface with the foam and suck out with the suction device. The purified fiber pulp is condensed to 15%, and the paper fibers are expanded by heating, which can also be bleached to give the recycled paper. Finally, the high-density pulp is fed into the papermaking equipment to make recycled paper with the same brightness as the new paper. Yet, the process requires high accuracy, and the investment cost varies according to the output and the quality of the final product. The price is more than $500,000. But, it is undeniable that the final product processed by this process has a higher price, so it is preferred by some high budget investors.


2. Paper pulp molded recycling production line mainly mixes waste paper with water through high-speed pulping to produce pulp with high concentration. In this process, surplus plastic film and metal particles can be removed. High concentration pulp is diluted and homogenized by adding water to get a fine pulp with a concentration of about 1%. In this process, customers can faithfully add waterproof formula or pigments to the fine pulp according to different needs to get high value-added final products. Vacuum suction molding system will make different models of fine pulp according to different molds. We call it wet embryo. The wet embryo contains a lot of water, which is very fragile and can not be used as a commodity for direct sale. Thus, an efficient drying process is very necessary, we provide three drying methods for customers to choose, each form of the drying process in its own unique way to help customers get better final products. This process is more afforded and efficient than the former one. The investment budget is based on production and finished product requirements, usually more than $4,000. Also, the wide coverage of final products makes this process more applicable, because it reduces investment risk.


Do you have a clearer understanding of paper waste disposal methods after reading this? If you plan to recycle the waste paper for commercial purpose, please take investment budget, final product positioning, and final product market into consideration. If you prefer low investment, conservative risk and large sustainable returns, you are lucky to see this article. ROTECHO has 22 years' history. Our molding process has obtained a series of certifications and patents. We have a mature technical and perfect after-sales system to assist you to do achievement in the waste paper recycling project. 

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