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MDF Board Production Line
MDF Board Production Line
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MDF Board Production Line

Rotecho’s MDF board manufacturing plant is specially designed to process wood fibers into uniform panels with different thickness range from 1.8-6mm or 8-30mm.

Raw material application:

Small logs, tree branches, wood chips, timber leftovers, shaving, breakings from hardwood or  softwood residue.

Final product feature:

Denser, stronger, good dimensional stability, flat and smooth, close tolerances, dent-resistance, and lack of grain-telegraphing etc.

NOTE: We supply single machine, whole production line and retrofit on the previous production.


The production of medium density fiberboards requires highly precise and economically operating machines. Rotecho provides complete plants for the production of MDF ranging from the engineering to the sanding of the finished boards. Specially developed resin blending systems and dryers provide for the economic production of an excellent fiber, the best starting point for a high quality board.

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1. Equipped with rectangular vibrating screen which significantly increase the screening efficiency and quality.

2. Use quick pneumatic fireproofing switch valve to improve the fire protection ability.

3. Adopts stable and high precision pre-pressing process, which overcomes the un-fluent gas exhaust problem to improve the blank panel quality greatly.

4. The conveyor is designed with flexible sawing system, which will guarantee the blank panel stable in the transferring.

5. In paving procedure, unqualified board scraps will be collected for reprocessing.

6. This hot pressing system is the most innovate hydraulic system, which realize set-up within a shorter time, reduce the solidified thickness effectively and low the raw material consumption at the same time.

7. The complete production line is 360 ° control, enables people to control the MDF structure, quality thickness directly, improve the working efficiency greatly.


Processing Capacity10000-150000 m³/year
Board width4ft, 6ft, can be customized
Board length8 ft, 12 ft, 16ft, 18 ft, can be customized
Board Thickness8-30mm / 1.8-6mm
Final BoardThick MDF board or Thick MDF Board
MDF Board Applicationused for cabinets, shelving, furniture, paneling and other engineered wood products.


QUALIFIED MDF BOARD QUALIFIED MDF BOARD QUALIFIED MDF BOARD melamine decorative laminate mdf board press machine for sale.jpg
MDF Board Production Line
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