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New Paper Recycling Solution: Use Xenon Lamp to Erase the Text on the Paper!

New Paper Recycling Solution: Use Xenon Lamp to Erase the Text on the Paper! Author: Anna     Date: Jul 05,2019

According to foreign media reports, although environmentally conscious people send their discarded waste paper recycling, the whole process of the  paper recycling business is not entirely environmentally friendly - usually it consumes a lot of electricity and contains toxic chemicals. Now, however, scientists have developed a new method of recycling - erasing words from paper so that paper can be put back into reuse.

Although you've seen the technology of removing printer toner from standard photocopier paper by laser, it can destroy the polymer coating on the more gorgeous and glossy paper used for applications such as packaging, advertising and so on. Therefore, this technology is not applicable at this time.

Scientists from Rutgers University and Oregon State University began to address this limitation by replacing lasers with xenon lamps.

Researchers placed xenon lamps 1.5 inches (38mm) away from semi-glossy paper printed with black carbon powder, and then released intense pulsed light (IPL) from the spectrum. This light weakens the carbon bonds on paper but does not negatively affect the coating. When the paper surface is wiped with environmentally friendly ethanol, the carbon powder on it will fall off.

Unfortunately, this process can not completely remove untreated red, green or blue carbon powders, because they can not absorb IPL as completely as black carbon powders. But it can be completely removed if printed with black carbon powder first.

Rajiv Malhotra, an assistant professor at Rutgers University, said that their method makes it possible to print at least five times on the same sheet of paper -- traditionally recycled paper can be reused five times -- and that their recycling solutions can also reduce energy costs, environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

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