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Our History

Our History

Rotecho was founded in 1998 by Mr Ray, who was born in a woodworking family with strong practical ability from the childhood. It continuously began with a woodworking shop into a well-known respected equipment manufacturer for the waste resource recycling. As an independent company our mission is to change people's attitude and disposal method towards waste resource, realize a sustainable development between economic and environment. The individual departments concentrated in each special waste recycling, that enables us to provide a complete recycling solution for the wood waste, paper recycling, tire recycling and plastic recycling. Rotecho is keeps moving since started, we will always be here to assist you to get value in the waste recycling.

  • 1998


    The founder's father Mr Ray lives in a woodworking family, which enables him have a gift in the hand made wood product. Exquisite craftsmanship, competitive price and easy-going character own many orders for him. Mr Ray started the scale production in early 1998, hongxing factory's foundation was proved to be a complete wise decision nowadays.

  • 1999


    It generated a lot of wood waste with the scale production, burning is the common disposal method which will cause much smoke same time. After months' testing, we found carbonization is more efficient than burning directly. Successfully test running of charcoal briquette machine is our first step into the wood recycling world.

  • 2000-2002


    Based on customer's trust and market demand, we have many opportunities to study each possibility to recycle wood waste. In order to offer better service to customers, we cooperated with Linmao factory, who had 12 years' experience in the wood panel equipment manufacturing. We worked together to put forward a series of wood recycling equipment, such as pallet block machine, wood pallet machine and particleboard press machine, which perform excellently and obtain high praise from the end users.

  • 2003-2005


    The achievement in wood recycling field encourage us to do further research in the recycling equipment, we decided to have a try on the waste paper recycling machine. Cooperating with experienced Luyuan paper mill is the best option since we are blank in this field. After the SARS calm in China, we built the first paper pulp molding demo plant in Xinxiang, which enabled us gain a high recognition from our local government. Along with factory's rapid development, we established technical worker and sales reserve project, set up unique service system to provide efficient and professional service for our customers.

  • 2006-2007


    Technical innovation and cost advantage is the vital principle to survive in the ever changing market. We put forward tailor made in replace of standard production to adjust the market better. Since customers always knew exactly what they want, their feedback is helpful for us. Based on those information, we improved of our wood pressing machine's working pressure and forming time make the final product with higher density and versatile in application. We made a big progress on the transmission system of the paper fiber molding machine, which guarantee its well molding performance and high yield. We are sincerely appreciate our customer's trust and accompany in the road, all those improvements help us achieve a stable increasing market occupancy.

  • 2008


    2008 is a meaningful year for us, on one hand, China hold the Olympic Games, on the other hand, Rotecho confirmed our company positioning in the same year. Rotecho's founder Mr Ray was shocked to see sea lives die from the "white pollution", soil "black pollution" take away kids' life in the world's poor areas. It's heartbroken to read these report everyday, he hold a meeting to adjust Rotecho's strategy from the unitary paper and wood recycling equipment manufacturer to a combination with manufacturer, consultant, technical supporter etc. Every employee became more positive, we work together to seize opportunity to realize Rotecho's diversified development.

  • 2009-2011


    We reached strategy cooperation with JIANGYUE rubber factory and SUXIN plastic factory in 2009, both of them had more than 15 years'experience in their industrial. We worked together confirm that the most efficient method to disposal tire and plastic is PYROLYSIS. An advanced pyrolysis demo plant was built under the support of EPA and our local government. After years' innovation and technical communication with university, Rotecho's mature pyrolysis technology leading China's indegradable waste disposal solution, and we achieved pyrolysis patent in 2011.

  • 2012


    With people's awareness of the environmental, people became more careful when disposal the waste resource. In 2012, our engineer worked together improved waste resource physical recycling equipment with automate operation, some production line realized remote control as technical improvement. With business range became wider, we perfect each department and organized activities to employee's technical skill in order to offer a better service and collect efficient feedback. All those built a qualified team and perfect service system, which also lay a steady foundation in the domestic market.

  • 2013


    Thanks to the cooperate with some trading company before, we acquire enough experience in the oversea market. We set foot in the oversea market in 2013, with continuously effort we receive several orders from oversea market. As to customer's request, we obtained CE and ISO certificate, quality product and professional technical support guarantee smoothly running in the end user, most important is tire pyrolysis plant is successfully running in Texas state, it's a great encourage year.

  • 2014-2015


    In order to offer accurate service, we built international department on June, 2014, all of our engineers have more than 12 years' experience in designing, welding, installation and commissioning, 70% of our marketer serves Rotecho for more than 10 years which guarantee the quality of service. In addition, we expand industrial scale to optimal the equipment performance, guarantee the delivery time, perfect the visiting service etc to provide equipment with an affordable price and longer service time, assist clients realize economic benefit from waste recycling.

  • 2016-Now


    Rich experience in the resource recycling industrial make us firmly believe that Rotecho born for waste resoure recycling manufacturing industry. In domestic, we invested many potential project , such as water treatment, sludge treatment, organic waste disposal etc. Abroad market, we attend international exhibition and technical conference, visit client to get the effective feedback and stress our influence. Until now, we exported to the USA, Mexico, Dominica, Brazil, Honduras, Australia, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Algeria etc. We will keep moving in the waste recycling solution, please share with us you ideas anytime.

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