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Paper Pulp Dryer
Paper Pulp Dryer
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Paper Pulp Dryer

Dryer length: 20m-65m

Dryer width: 1.5 m-3 m, as for the pulp molding machine model.

Dryer structure: single layer, four layer, six layer

Final moisture after drying: 4%-8%

Heating resource: firewood, coal, diesel oil, gas etc.

Temperature: 80℃-200℃, there are three temperature section in the dryer.

NOTE: Pulp dryer machine can work with different types paper pulp molding machine to get qualified molded fiber product with high efficiency. Detailed proposal will be provided upon your specific requirements on production and fuel resource


In pulp molding production, dryer is the requisite equipment, because the wet molded pulp product contains a lot of water after molding process, we need to lower the moisture to 8% to make it ready for sale. ROTECHO put forward three types pulp dryer that variety with the fuel resource, working efficiency and budget, each of them can be worked with our egg tray production line and pulp production line and will assist you to get a good product in the most suitable means.

* Sun drying: 

Sun drying is the most economic type dryer and usually work with small scale egg tray plant with a proper climate, let’s say capacity smaller than 1000 pcs/h. 

* Brick kiln dryer: 

This brick egg tray pulp dryer is made of red brick, firebricks, cement etc which is the most economic option and widely used in large scale production. 

* Metal frame dryer: 

Metal frame dryer is built with the special insulating layer can assemble directly after arrival. If you have limit land space or clean production requirements, this will be an ideal choice for you.

Paper Pulp Dryer
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Paper Pulp Dryer
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