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Raw material: waste cardboard, scrap paper, newspaper, magazines, reed, wheat stalk, rice straw, sugarcane bagasse, bamboo, wood waste etc.

Processing ability: 1 m³-10 m³, can be customized

Working cycle: 0.5 h-2h, depends on the input material

Pulp concentration: 4%-15%, depends on the final product

NOTE: It is vital procedure in the molded pulp product manufacturing, for that the pulp fineness will determine the appearance and quality of final product directly.


Each type of pulp mill equipment can be regarded as a small scale pulping system, which converts the feed-stock into fine pulp to prepare for different pulp molding process. The pulp concentration can be adjusted automatically which can guarantee the molding effect and final product quality. Here Rotecho provides a complete pulping system to process various material, it mainly separated into two types: 

* Paper pulping system  

This types pulping system is mainly used to process all the waste paper resource, it mainly includes blade pulping and screw pulping type. Blade pulping type volume is smaller than 4 m³,which installs a set of blade on the drum bottom, rotating force can cut the in-feed into fine pulp. While screw pulping type volume is bigger than 4 m³according to the productivity, it devices a vertical screw in the center of the drum, which can process bulk material with high efficiency. Both of these pulping forming machine are widely used in different scale egg tray production line and paper pulp molding machine.

* Natural fiber pulping system

This series of pulping system is mainly designed for the tableware production line, which can process wheat straw, cotton stalk, reed, sugarcane bagasse, rice straw, bamboo, wood chips etc. It will go through crushing, softening, grinding and screening etc to get a proper pulp for the lunch box, bowl, dish etc. 

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