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Paper Pulp Moulding Line
Paper Pulp Moulding Line
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Paper Pulp Moulding Line

Rotecho's pulp molding production line aims to convert waste paper, paper mill waste, book paper, newspaper, old magazine, cardboard, express box and paper wrapping waste into different pulp molded product with thick-wall for the recycling. 

Working efficiency: 300-2000pcs/h, determined by the final product 

Final product feature: Eco-friendly, good water-proof, flat surface, high loading ability and rigidness, able to withstand cold temperatures for long hours.

NOTE: When it comes to the pulp molding, it not only refers to paper pulp molding, but also includes fiber pulp molding from the wheat straw, sugarcane, bamboo, rice stalk, reed, bagasse etc.


As known that pulp molding process refers to convert various molded pulp fiber into a certain shape with different forming mold. Since tableware production line aims to process fiber pulp, egg tray production line mainly to process the paper pulp make thin-wall paper tray, we here will make a specific definition on pulp molding plant for the thick-wall molded pulp product, which is mainly used in the industrial inner packaging, medical care, agriculture seedling areas, gardening etc. Complete manufacturing are similar with egg tray production line as followed:

1.Pulping section: Pulping is critical to every pulp molded products manufacturing process. Rotecho’s excellent pulping system features with sufficient feeding amount, uniform refining, efficient depositing design, high quality slurry with lower shrinking ratio and no deformation in dried paper fruit trays. VIEW MORE+ 

2.Moulding section: It applies vacuum and gravity principle in the molding processing. There are two molds in the forming process, bottom one with many holes on surface will emerge in the pulp tank firstly to attache rich pulp fiber on the forming mold interior to form a certain shape, redundant water will be removed by the gravity when it life up to press with upper mold. Upper mold will press the certain shape make the fiber more tight and transfer wet mould to the drying process. VIEW MORE+

3.Drying section: All of the sun-drying, brick kiln dryer and metal frame dryer aims to help reduce the redundant water in the wet mold to make the dry product with compact structure. In order to get a qualified product with moisture 4%-8%, there should use scientific designed dryer to complete this work, which will save the energy consumption and improve production efficiency. VIEW MORE+

4.Packing and stacking section: this system is mostly applied at the end of dryer, that can gather the trays and counting automatically with high precision. This system working efficiency equals to two labor, which is an ideal choice to reduce the labor cost. VIEW MORE+

5.Hot pressing section: As known that thick-wall pulp molded product usually with crude surface on the back side, in addition, for the fiber feature, the product will be little shrink or twisty after drying. Hydraulic hot press machine is mainly designed to do a further treatment can make the product more flat and smooth. VIEW MORE+


Vacuum pump, Slurry pulp, Air compressor, Vacuum tank, Air storage tank etc.

Advantage of pulp production line

1.Raw material: Easy to approach with cheap price. 

2.Energy consumption: Water can be circulating used in the line, special designed dryer structure make hot air circulate with high efficiency.   

3.Final product: Various final molded pulp product can be made by changing mould and widely used in different industry field.

4.Eco-friendly: No pollution in the production and final product is 100% recycled pulp and biodegradable after consume. 

5.Machine maintenance: Compact structure ensure the stable performance to greatly reduce your maintenance cost, automatic operation to avoid the human operation error.

6.Investment level: affordable price and high-return.

7.We provide life-time technical support for our worldwide clients.


Each proposal is unique, consumption details vary with the final product standard and the production efficiency. Here is the pulp molding production line information for reference as followed:


Pulp molding production line

Machinery list

Pulping machine, molding machine, dryer, hot-pressing machine, stacking packing system

Working efficiency

300 pcs/h-2000pcs/h, determined by the product standard

Product weight

Standard is 150g -250g, can be customized


Fragile good padding, auto replacement part, edge protecting, paper pumpkin, electric appliance package, corner cushion, medical disposable bed pan, garden pot, heavy item package etc.

Power requirement

100KW-200 KW

Dryer length

16m-26m for reference, can be adjusts to the molding machine efficiency.

Paper Pulp Moulded Product

Molded pulp product is widely applied in our daily life, here are a part of the popular products we made for view. We can customize mold with the real sample or drawing, FREE SAMPLE PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE.

seedling tray.png paper vegetable tray.png paper apple tray.png coffee cup tray.png paper pulp tray.jpg pulp molded bottle tray.jpg
Paper Pulp Moulding Line
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Paper Pulp Moulding Line
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