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Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling


Plastic is a very versatile and widely used product within industrial mass production, although it brings us a lot of convenience, it pollutes the environment seriously and become a world problem get a name of "white pollution" finally. For that plastic's character of non-biodegradable, when the plastic trash gathered in an areas, it can not be decomposed by nature, thus will lead to soil deterioration, to pollute the underground water and threat the life being live on the earth. For all those horrible impacts, we still believe that while pollution can turn into green fortune with correct disposal method. In 2009, Rotecho cooperated with Suxin plastic factory who has 15 years' industrial experience. We worked together to develop the efficient and thorough way to disposal white pollution with chemical and physical method, all those solutions will assist you to find a way out in plastic recycling.


Based on our strong partners' rich experience in plastic machine manufacturing, currently Rotecho put forward two directions in recycling the waste plastic, the affordable direction is to get clean plastic flakes as industrial manufacture feed-stock for densifying, re-extruding or injection moulding. The other more environmental direction is use chemical pyrolysis to get fuel oil from the waste plastic, which is a higher investment with higher returns in manage the plastic scraps.

PET Bottle Washing Line

PET bottle washing line is widely used to recycle PET bottles, plastic beverage bottles, post consumer bottles, oil bottles, PET sheets, PET packaging boxes and other polyester materials into CLEAN BOTTLE FLAKES through crushing, washing and drying process.

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PP PE Film Washing Line

PP PE film washing line is proven to process PP PE plastic waste into CLEAN FILM FLAKES to realize the recovery of PP/PE waste, which includes agriculture film, PP PE woven bags, shopping bags, ton bags&bulk bags, other PP PE plastic package product. 

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Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Plastic pyrolysis plant is a kind of environmental way to recycle all kinds of waste plastic. The whole process applies chemical method to get fuel oil, carbon black and hydrocarbon gas finally, in addition, there is no second pollution to the environment.

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Plastic Recycling
Plastic Recycling & FAQ & News & Blog
  • General Situation of Plastic Treatment in the World
    The production of synthetic resins in the world has reached 200 million tons. The disposal of plastics after mass consumption has become a hotspot of environmental protection.
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  • Find Your Right Plastic Recycling Solution
    Increasing attention is being paid to environmental issues such as carbon emissions and plastic pollution, which also drives social and regulatory changes in Europe and the world as a whole.
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  • Brief Introduction of Plastic Recycling Technology
    Plastic recycling and disposal of solid waste of plastics use petroleum and coal as raw materials to produce plastics instead of natural macromolecule materials.
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  • Design Method of Plastic Subtraction
    The R&D Department considers the need for recycling and disassembly when designing products. The material suitable for recycling in the United States does not focus on which plastic is the best choice for making individual parts, but on materials that can be widely used.
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  • Hydrolysis of Plastics
    Many experts believe that hydrogenation can be used to treat mixed plastic products. When mixed plastic fragments are placed in the hydrogen reactor at a specific temperature and pressure, raw materials such as synthetic crude oil and gas can be produced.
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  • Chemical Reduction of Plastics
    Researchers began to try to extract the chemical constituents in plastics for reuse. The process adopted is to cut the long chain of the polymer and restore its original properties. The cracked raw materials can be used to make new plastics.
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Plastic Recycling
Thanks for your constant attention and efforts in the waste resource recycling industry, let's work together to create a greener planet for our future generations.