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Pulp Molding Machine
Pulp Molding Machine
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Pulp Molding Machine

Configuration: semi-automatic and fully automatic configuration

Raw material: scrap paper, waste cardboard, newspaper, sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp board, rice stalk pulp, reed pulp etc.

Working efficiency: 300 pcs/h - 6000 pcs/h

Final product: bottle tray, wine tray, inner package tray, disposable medical urinal tray, paper bed pan, seeding tray, fruit container, garden pot, cosmetic packaging, food container, egg & fruit package, corner cushion, egg crate, egg carton, tableware, lunch box etc.

Mould type: ABS made, Aluminium made, copper made (mold type depends on the product character, we provide customize service.)

NOTE: We have a series of moulded pulp forming machine for market, detailed solutions will be offered by your specific requirements.


We can see pulp molding as a vertical mold process, which use paper pulp and fiber pulp as raw material, undergo a series of different molding process to get a certain product. It is the different product structure design that determine special molding machine to complete the shaping, ROTECHO share with you three popular types molding here. 

* Transfer molding: 

Transfer molding type uses two pieces of mould to complete the process, the first one use the vacuum to form the wet mold in the pulp tank, the second is to transfer wet mold product to dryer procedure. We provide tumblet type and rotary type transfer molding machine for different productivity requirement. Tumblet type is mainly used in small scale plant with sun-drying to complete a production line. Rotary type also means drum-type forming, which has 4, 8, 12 panels that installed with forming mould. It shares the same working principle with tumblet molding, but it can work continuously with brick kiln dryer or metal frame dryer to realize the large scale production. 

* Reciprocate molding:

Reciprocating molding is also known as thick-wall molding, that mainly applied in industrial package pulp molding process, for there is only one mould finish the molding, so the finished product surface is moderately smooth, while the opposite is coarse. Therefore, a type of hydraulic hot press machine is necessary in this pulp production line to make the product more durable and bearing ability. On the other hand, vertical direction molding process enable the pulp forming machine more flexible in the product structure adjustment.

* Thermoformed molding: 

Thermoformed molding also name with“cure in the mold”to produce well-defined and smooth surfaced product from the fiber pulp. It is special designed to make tableware, bowl, lunch box, dish etc, which is similar with the reciprocate molding. Inject the slurry in forming mold with high precision, as forming mold lift up it will remove redundant water, upper mould will press it again. Once formed, the product is captured to heated to get a further densify molded product, trimming and sterilization process is necessary before the packing.

Pulp Molding Machine
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Pulp Molding Machine
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