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Recycle of Product Carbon Black

Recycle of Product Carbon Black Author: Anna     Date: Aug 10,2019

It is reported that "10,000 tons of high-efficiency, energy-saving and low-waste tyre pyrolysis production equipment", uses pyrolysis technology, has low energy consumption, low pollution, and no waste generation. It is in line with the characteristics of green environmental protection, and is energy-saving product.

It is said that the equipment for waste tire recycling in China has complete technical data, advanced technology and international advanced level. Compared with traditional tire recycling equipment, it improves production efficiency and greatly reduces the number of workers. With 10,000 tons of waste tire disposal capacity, just one labor cost can save more than 1 million yuan.

Due to the rapid development of automobile industry, in recent years, the number of waste tyres in China has increased dramatically. Relevant statistics show that China's tire production has been in the forefront of the world for 10 consecutive years, and the waste tires produced annually are also the first in the world. This also indicates that the production of waste rubber and tires in China will increase in the future. According to incomplete statistics, in 2013, China's scrap tire production has reached 299 million, weighing 10.8 million tons, which is growing at an annual rate of about 8%-10%. Although 70% of waste rubber is used for recycling, it is still unable to fill the gap of rubber resources in China.

In the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber, rubber powder is internationally recognized as a harmless processing and utilization method of waste tires. However, the quality of rubber powder produced is poor, and it is difficult to meet the needs of downstream enterprises. Therefore, the industry is in urgent need of high-tech, and high-level production equipment.

Data show that by 2020, China's waste tire production will reach 20 million tons. This makes fragile ecological environment of China which has already been delicate worse. Therefore, it is urgent to control the "black pollution" caused by waste tires. However, in the traditional recycling process, a large amount of waste is usually produced, which is easy to cause secondary pollution. With the implementation of the new Environmental Protection Law, the government's environmental protection requirements in industrial production process are becoming increasingly stringent, and the environmental protection pressure of tire disposal and recycling enterprises is increasing. In this case, the environmental protection of waste tire pyrolysis equipment is more prominent.

Reuse of Pyrolytic Carbon Black

Reinforcement of rubber: Carbon black is an important reinforcing agent and filler for rubber products, which can improve the mechanical properties of rubber.

Photoprotection: Low amount of carbon black can shield the ultraviolet radiation on the surface of products. But at the same time, it also makes it turns dark gray or black.

Colouring: Carbon black is an important pigment of black ink and black paint. Its basic properties directly affect their properties such as blackness, rheology and luster. In addition, carbon black is often used in color matching of plastic products.

Enhance conductivity: The development of special conductive carbon black with excellent properties can make the original insulating polymers such as plastics have conductivity. One of the most important uses is for reinforcing rubber.

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