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Recycling Solutions

Recycling Solutions


MSW disposal (Municipal Solid Waste) has become a worse pollution problem with the development of economy. Disposable products make our life easier, but generate a lot of disposal of municipal solid waste at the same time. Our only earth will take a long time to digest most of the garbage we throw, the non-degradable waste even became a threaten to the lives. Is there anything we can do to make up our bad behavior or the damage? The answer is absolutely “YES”. We have different kinds of recycling management solutions do deal with various types waste. A correct recycling and disposal solutions can turn each kind of waste into a valuable product and greatly solve the pollution problems at the same time. Rotecho is always here and insist in providing a useful municipal solid waste treatment for you. 


ROTECHO has engaged in MSW management for over 22 years and become a leading industrial machinery manufacturer in the waste recycling industry. What we are managing includes paper and cardboard recycling, diversified wood recycling, innovative plastic recycling and waste tire recycling. We put forward a series of mature recycling solutions on the above items, either of them can convert the waste into valuable product in different methods. 


Our excellent recycling machinery and professional service have assisted worldwide customers to gain economic benefits and realize their dream synchronously. All those done is far from what we should do, we will keep technical innovation and service perfection to provide better recycling management solutions.


  • As a professional waste recycling machinery manufacturer, Rotecho provides waste recycling equipment with competitive prices in the market.

  • We can supply customize stand-alone and turn-key solution.

  • Our engineers are qualified with more than 15 years experience.

  • Our perfect service team will provide professional guidance and life-time technical support for all of our worldwide clients.

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