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Sawdust Wood Pallet Block Press Machine
Sawdust Wood Pallet Block Press Machine
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Sawdust Wood Pallet Block Press Machine

Rotecho's wood sawdust block making machine is specially designed for pressing sawdust, wood shavings and other wood scraps into pallet blocks by heating and extruding system.

Raw material application:

Small logs, tree branches, sawdust, wood chips, timber residue, log off-cuts, plywood trimmings, old board, etc.

Block density: 550-650kg/m³

Block Feature: Free fumigation, water-proof, high nail holding ability, formaldehyde release conform to national standard, eco-friendly.


We supply both single machine and complete production line.

Sawdust Block Press Machine Introduction

Rotecho’s wood sawdust block making machine is crucial in the pallet block/feet/leg manufacturing. The advanced horizontal hydraulic system pressure can reach up to 10MPA within a short time to press the feedstock tightly to get a qualified block. Rotecho can provide the singe machine or the complete block production line for different scale production. Generally the whole production line are mainly consist of wood crusher, dryer, glue blender, block press machine and block cutting machine, each section will make a big different to determine the final block quality.

1. Crushing section: The crusher will crush all the wood materials into proper size. VIEW MORE+

2. Drying section: Material moisture content will be reduced at 8-12%, we have airflow dryer or rotary dryer for option. VIEW MORE+

3. Glue blending section: Special designed mixing device can get the uniform blended material.

4. Hot pressing section: The blended material will be fed into the feeding port of press machine and get the extruded blocks with high-strength. There is no limit on the block length, but generally it will be cut into 1m or 1.2m in this stop.

5. Block cutting section: Cut the 1m/1.2m blocks into required size by cutting machine or by hand.


Feature of Wood Sawdust Pallet Block Machine

1. Compared with molded pallet and wood based panel production, blocks making have the advantage of low-investment and wide application in wood waste recycling industry;

2. Rotecho could customize the block mould size within the range from 60mm to 147mm, in addition, one pressing machine can make two block size each time;

3. Compact hydraulic system enables it get a block with density of 550-650kg/m³;

4. Uniformly heating can solidify the glue within a short time to make a high-strength blocks;

5. Easy to operate, low maintenance cost and low energy consumption.

Parameter of Wood Sawdust Block Making Machine

Glue Consumption        a common amount is 70-90kg/m³, mainly depends on material type                            

Final Pressed Wood Pallet Blocks

As an engineered wood-waste products, the final pallet blocks have many amazing advantages. They have smooth surface, high nail holding ability and good water proof (no cracking soaked in water for 48 hours and exposed to the sun and wind), free of fumigation and formaldehyde release conform to national standard. With all these benefits, currently pallet blocks are widely used in wooden packing and logistics industry, it’s an ideal replacement for raw wood made blocks.

Final Pressed Wood Pallet Blocks Final Pressed Wood Pallet Blocks Final Pressed Wood Pallet Blocks wood waste recycling equipment make pallet blocks.jpg
Sawdust Wood Pallet Block Press Machine
Thanks for your constant attention and efforts in the waste resource recycling industry, let's work together to create a greener planet for our future generations.
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