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Semi-automatic Tyre Cutting Machine
Semi-automatic Tyre Cutting Machine
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Semi-automatic Tyre Cutting Machine

Tire category: car tires, passenger tires and truck tires

Configuration: Semi-automatic

Working efficiency: 1T/H

Tire diameter required: Less than 1200mm

Cutting size: 40-60mm rubber blocks or bigger rubber chunks, can be customized.

Electricity: 380v, 50hz, can be customized freely


This is the primary step in waste tire recycling process, we also provide fully automatic whole tire shredding machine for option.


As the first step in the waste tire recycling, tire cutting process aims to recycle nylon tires and steel tires into rubber chunks or blocks as request. After times’ practice and improvement, we introduce this economical tire cutting system configuration in the market, which will reduce the original investment and improvement efficiency significantly in the waste tire recycling production. We provide semi-automatic tire cutting systems and automatic tire shredder in stationary and mobile type , both of them are perfect match for rubber recycling plant, such as tire granule production, rubber powder production and tire oil pyrolysis production. Each type of tire cutter will complete unique work in your waste tire recycling plant.

Our semi-automatic whole tire cutting system include four different machines:

1. Tire sidewall cutter: cut the tire bead from whole tires.

2. Tire tread cutter: cut the tire crown and sidewall into long strips for further treatment.

3. Tire blocks/slice cutter: cut the tire strips into 50-60mm rubber blocks, the cutting size can be adjusted by changing the cutting blades quantities.

4. Tire bead remover: extract the steel wire from tire bead.

Semi-automatic Tyre Cutting Machine
Semi-automatic Tyre Cutting Machine & FAQ & News & Blog
Semi-automatic Tyre Cutting Machine
Thanks for your constant attention and efforts in the waste resource recycling industry, let's work together to create a greener planet for our future generations.
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