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Tableware Production Line
Tableware Production Line
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Tableware Production Line

Rotecho's Tableware production line is designed to convert all kinds of fiber pulp into tableware, lunch box, bowl, dish, snack tray, food container etc. 

Configuration: semi-automatic and fully automatic

Raw material resource: vigirn pulp, mechanical pulp from rice stalk, sugarcane, reed, cotton stalk, bamboo, bagasse, wood etc. 

Output: artware, dishware, square lunch box, burger box, food container, take-away food box, soup bowl, rectangle tray container etc. 

NOTE: we provide complete production line even with the mechanical pulping system as per your need


ROTECHO Tableware production line uses stalk, reed, bagasse, bamboo, wood, sugarcane as raw material to make tray or plate. Raw material should go through mechanical pulping system firstly. Then transfer to our tableware production line, undergo additive mixing, vacuum pulp molding machine, dewatering, drying, compressing, transferring, trimming, sterilizing and packing. All those procedure conform to GB18006-1999 standard, the final product can be degradable within 3 month with zero pollution to soil structure. Specific production flow show as followed.

tableware manufacture line

1. Pulping section: We supply both the mechanical pulping system and easier fiber board pulping system. Concentration of 0.8%-1% is ideal to the molding process.

2. Moulding section: We can regards this tableware molding process as a high-end reciprocoating molding process, for that they share the similar molding step, but the tableware molding add the compress and hot pressing function shortly after the molding, which means you will get a dry product within 30 second from the wet pulp. 

3. Trimming and sterilizing section: this is necessary at the end of molding to guarantee the product is more safety in face with customers.


Vacuum pump, Slurry pulp, Screw air compressor, Vacuum tank, Air storage tank, Hot pressing machine etc.



1.Raw material: widely resource from agriculture, price for the bagasse board is 760 usd/h (market price in China for reference).

2.Easy operation: PLC control system, easy operation with convenient maintaining,  

3.Energy consumption: scientific production design with low energy consumption, there is no waste or pollution in the production. 

4.Final product application: widely used in our daily life, such as lunch box, fast food package, soup bowl, coffee pod, cup etc. 

5.Final product feature: All the final product is 100% recycled and degradable; integrate structure when touch with 95 ℃ oil or 100 ℃ water; get used to microwave oven and refrigerator. 

6.Market promising: it absolutely has the potential to take replace of plastic food package.



Tableware production line

Working efficiency

960 pcs/h-2000 pcs/h, based on 8 inch round plate


square container (470ml, 700ml)

round shape plate(6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch)

bowl (200ml, 350ml, 500ml)

Rectangle box (800 ml, 470ml, 1000ml)

Water consumption

50 kg/h


Consumption details based on

2000 pcs/h when make 8 inch round tray. 

Electricity consumption



25 kg/h


Here are part of the hot-sale product we made currently, the product structure will be determined by the usage, popular and function requirement. Each set mold is Aluminum made includes 3 pairs of mold, FREE simple is available for your choose.

sugarcane pulp food box.png take-out food tray.png tableware.jpg ssugarcane pulp tableware.png pulp board.jpg tableware.png
Tableware Production Line
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Tableware Production Line
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