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Tire Debeader
Tire Debeader
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Tire Debeader

Tire category: all kinds of tires, such as car tires, passenger tires, truck tires, agriculture tires etc.

Configuration: semi-automatic and full automatic

Drive mode: mechanical rotate and hydraulic pulling force

Feeding type: manual feeding and conveyor feeding

Working efficiency: 500 kg/h-3000 kg/h

Power: 5.5 kw, 11 kw, 15 kw

Electricity: 380v, 50hz, can be customized freely.

NOTE: Rotecho's tire debeader can draw the steel wire without damage.


Tire debeader also named as tire wire drawing machine and tire wire separator and tire steel wire extractor. As known that a complete tire includes rich metal wire inside, in order to improve the rubber granule & powder productivity and prolong the lifespan of the cutting knives in the further process, we should remove the bead wire from the waste tire firstly. Rotecho offer semi-automatic and automatic tire debeading machine for the market, the specific debeading proposal will depends on tires category, required working efficiency and investment budget ect.

1. Semi-automatic tire debeader: use the double roller rotate principle to get complete and clean steel wire. VIEW MORE+

2. Automatic tire debeader: hydraulic design, use the oil cylinder cycling movement generate a pulling force to draw out the steel wire.

Tire Debeader
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Tire Debeader
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