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In the recycling of tire scrap, ROTECHO put forward rubber crumb & powder recycle and tire energy conversion recycle. The crumb tire & rubber powder production is a procedure to break the waste tire into smaller rubber chips, in this process we can separate get nylon, wire steel which is a feed-stock in other manufacturing process to achieve the recycling purpose. The tire pyrolysis process will change the tire character, high reaction temperature will accelerate scrap tire be converted into fuel oil, after the cooling process we can also get carbon black, which tire steel will keep the same in this process. 


After 15 years' practicing and developing, ROTECHO is ready to share our rich experience and mature technology in the waste tire recycling solution.  Any doubts please contact us any time.


Include semi-automatic tire cutting machine, tire shredder and debeader. Semi-automatic tire cutting system can process the scrap tire into tire blocks by manually operating, it is an ideal option for new starter while automatic tire shredder can complete the cutting process in one-time pass, which is very suitable for industrial-scale shredding. Tyre debeader is optional, mainly designed for pulling out the inside steel wire. 


We provide rubber crumb production line and rubber powder production for clients. The different size and fineness of rubber crumb/powder can be produced as your special requirements. Especially for the rubber powder production, ROTECHO broke through the traditional pulverizing technology to get a high-valued rubber powder with normal temperature. 


Our Tyre pyrolysis plant adopts thermal cracking inside the rubber molecule to get fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire, it is the most thorough solutions for disposal these black pollution and other non-degradable solid wastes. ROTECHO keep improving the reactor design, tire oil yield and whole processing technology in recent years and we have got several patents and certifications which enable us to be the leader in the pyrolysis industry.  

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