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Tire Shredder
Tire Shredder
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Tire Shredder

Tire category: all kinds of tires, such as car tires, passenger tires, truck tires, agriculture tires etc.

Configuration: manual feeding and conveyor feeding

Working efficiency: 1000 kg/h-5000 kg/h

Shredding size: standard is 50mm rubber blocks, you can make different sizes range from 50-150mm by changing disc sieve.

Cutting knife quantity: mainly depends on the tires category.


We also provide semi-automatic waste tire cutting system with affordable price.


Tire shredder is the main shredding equipment in whole tire size reduction process, Roteco’s shredder is fully automatic and specially designed to shred end-of-life tyres into smaller blocks or chips around 50mm, which is used as a coal additive for industrial boilers. The final chips can be used as the feed-stock of tire pyrolysis plant directly or further processed into rubber granule and rubber powder to increase its market value. Rotecho supply the complete tire shredding proposal with different productivity and optional whole tire cutting machine, they will assist you to complete the tire pre-treatment with high efficiency and low energy consumption.


1. Feeding hopper can be designed according to different raw material.

2. The shredding size can be easily controlled by changing the size of disc sieve which is convenient for change and maintenance.

3. Blades can be resharpened and reused which significantly prolong its service cycle and decrease costs.    

4. PLC control system enable automatic reverse for overloading protection and minimizing blades damages.

Tire Shredder
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Tire Shredder
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