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In the issue of plastic recycling, ROTECHO put forward two suggestion, that is basic washing recycling and professional pyrolysis recycling. For the variety of plastic character, ROTECHO’s plastic recycling solution covers post-consumer bottles, medical bottles, beverage bottles, PET sheets, PET packing boxes, agricultural film, pe film, woven bags, packing films, stretch films, pp tape bags, plastic containers and other scraps plastic etc. Both solutions can help you to convert waste plastic into high valued products with broad market demands.


Brief introduction of different recyling solutions can help you to quickly understand our plastic equipment.


This basic recycling solution includes crushing, washing and drying procedure and consist of plastic shredder, plastic crusher, PET bottle washing line and PP PE film washing line. As a primary step in the waste resource recycling, we have many methods to do the size reduction process, ROTECHO's unique designed plastic shredder and crusher can handle the big volume and hard rigid plastic scraps with tremendous productivity, the cutting knife is special treatment and differ in the input material.
Both washing lines can help you to get high purity cleaned plastic flakes as industrial manufacture feed-stock for densifying, re-extruding or injection moulding.


Pyrolysis process is a further treatment in the plastic recycling, it uses thermal cracking inside the plastic molecule to get plastic fuel oil and carbon black, this is the most thorough solutions for disposal these white pollution and other nondegradable waste. Professional pyrolysis technology will be vital in the valuable product output, after 15 years’ improvement and innovation, ROTECHO concentrated in improving final product quality to increase the add value in waste plastic recycling, we also got several patents and the high ratio of output won us high praise from customer.

Please feel free to share with us your new idea regards with the plastic recycling, we will be helpful for you.

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