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Waste Plastic To Oil Pyrolysis Plant
Waste Plastic To Oil Pyrolysis Plant
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Waste Plastic To Oil Pyrolysis Plant

Rotecho’s Plastic Pyrolysis Plant uses a breakdown process which is also called pyrolysis technology that turns waste plastic scraps into liquid fuels and gases.

Configuration: Continuously pyrolysis plant and batch pyrolysis plant.

Raw material application:

Waste plastic, garbage landfills, scraps tire, worn rubber, medical waste, waste engine oil, oil sludge and other municipal solid waste etc.

Output: Fuel oil, carbon black and combustion gas.

NOTE: Rotecho got patent and series of cetificate for the pyrolysis equipment, we supply Single machine, complete recycling plant and turn-key solutions.

Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturing Process

Rotecho’s Plastic Pyrolysis technology is an effective way to process all the mixed scrap plastics to realize industrialized, formalized, harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization. Its processing technology is oxygen-free pyrolysis reaction, through indirect heating to the waste plastic until temperature reach up to 380-400℃, the moleculars will be cracked and get the fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas as final product. All these products can be recycled into renewable energy and valuable products to applied in the industrial field to achieve the thorough recycling and reusing of these solid wastes. 

plastic pyrolysis plant manufacturing process.jpg

Advantage of Plastic to Oil Pyrolysis Plant

1. Sealing system: Use nano-coating design to avoid leaks caused by friction of high temperature.

2. Cooling system: Condensate gas and oil will be cooled circularly by the interaction of air, spraying waste and cooling tower which result in high oil yield and quality, long service life and easy to clean.

3. Insulation system: Use new fiber material features with good thermal insulation, light weight, warming and cooling faster.

4. Combustible gas recycling system: Non-condensable gas can be recycled into furnace instead of other fuels and avoid secondary pollution.

5. Waste gas purifying system: Waste gas will be treated by our special designed miniaturization desulfurization and denitration device and exhausted after reaching the standards, safety and environmental protection.

6. Emulsification burning system: Blending oily waste waster with residual oil and emulgator to get steady and uniform fuel oil which can burn directly.

7. Discharging system: The first and second discharging system can be opened to discharge carbon black when pyrolysis finished and the temperature is around 200-220℃. This system have the advantage of high temperature, airtight, automatic discharging, clean and no dust.

Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Product Application

Rotecho offer continuously pyrolysis plant, batch pyrolysis plant and mobile pyrolysis plant for option, the standard daily productivity range from 1T-25T per day, customize-capacity is acceptable. Below is the exact final product type and application for your reference.

Final ProductsApplication
Fuel Oil (50%-75%)1. Used as the heating material and sell it to cement factory, glass factory, ceramic factory, electric power factory, steel making factory, boiler factory, etc.
2. Used in heavy oil generator for electricity generation.
3. Deep process it into diesel oil with our distillation plant, color and smell removal system, the final oil can be used in trucks, tractor, etc.
Carbon Black (30%-35%)1. Briquetting it into pellets as fuel.
2. Make it to N220, N330, N550 or N660 which is widely used in tire making industry.
3. Make carbon to color master batch and sell it to plastic industry.
Flammable Gas (8%-10%)1. Recycled into furnace to heat reactor instead of coal/wood/oil/natural gas.
2. Storage the exceed gas to restart the next batch.

Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Product

Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Product Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Product Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Product Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Product
Waste Plastic To Oil Pyrolysis Plant
Waste Plastic To Oil Pyrolysis Plant & FAQ & News & Blog
Waste Plastic To Oil Pyrolysis Plant
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