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What is Molded Pulp Product ?

What is Molded Pulp Product ? Author: Anna     Date: Oct 17,2019

Molded pulp products are mainly made from waste cartons, paper scraps, newspapers, magazines, sugarcane bagasse, rice straw, wheat straw, reed, bamboo, wood shavings, wood chips, cotton rods, clean paper pulp, pulp board, etc. Our special designed pulp molding machine and forming mold in the 3-D molding process will help you to get a high quality product.

Generally, final product refers to egg tray, egg carton, apple tray, shoe tray, seedling tray, paper bedpan, garden pot, disposable medical urinal, industrial inner package, food plate, lunch box, bowl, dish and other packing industry. All of them are on a great demand with people's environmental awareness growing. So what features that make those pulp molded product so popular?

  1. Cost saving: For many applications, molded pulp product is less expensive than expanded polystyrene (EPS), vacuumed formed PET and PVC, corrugation, and foams.

  2. Diversity: Various product will be produced by changing the mold pattern to meet different packaging requirements. with the function of isolate and locate to prevent goods in the collision.

  3. Buffering function: It is much more superior than EPS, EPE and EPP buffers on the price, space occupation, preservation. Paper fiber is soft with appropriate strength and rigidity, can protect goods in the collision; paper is featured with anti-static, make it more safety in the delivery; molded pulp product can be staked to save space in delivery; paper fiber featured with inflation and moisture, that can absorb the fruit water in the storage to prolong food preservation. 

  4. Special function: A special waterproof function or flame retardant function is easily to realize by add additive in the pulping process.

  5. Environment: Made from 100% recycled molded pulp fiber, 100% recyclable, bio-degradable and compostable after consume.

As a professional paper pulp molding machine manufacturer, Rotecho can provide our customer with high quality moulded pulp machine. If you want to know information about paper moulding machine price, please contact us via info@rotecho.com or directly call Grace at 0086-18738190715.

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