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What is the Application of Pulp Molded Product?

What is the Application of Pulp Molded Product? Author: Anna     Date: Oct 29,2019

As mentioned in the previous blog, we may get a clear acknowledge of the pulp molded product. In this blog we will explore the further application of pulp molded product. ROTECHO will show you how it accompanied with us in our daily life.

1.Molded pulp product in industry field: 

Pulp molded product can be used as the inner package for electric part, appliances, fragile decorators, spare parts etc. The special feature of the product enables it perform excellently when meet with collision. For that I can prolong the crush time to reduce damage on the inside goods.

2.Waste paper and cardboard recycling in agriculture field: 

Egg package--Egg tray origins used to hold chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs in corrugated cases for truck delivery.

Fruit package--In the delivery of fruits, this paper pulp molded trays is superior than other package. It can absorb the moisture from the fruit to control ripener ratio to maintain the fruit fresh for a longer time. 

Vegetable package--It takes replacement of the plastic disposable package for the vegetable, meat, fish etc to reduce the white pollution.

Seed nursery--Pulp molded seedling tray is popular for its gradable feature, meanwhile, it can improve the plant survival ratio and enrich the soil structure.

3.Tableware molding machine in catering service:

Tableware made from the fiber pulp can replace the plastic foam bowl, cup, reduce the white pollution dramatically. On the other hand, it is healthy when meets high temperature or oil. 

4.Paper pulp molding in medical field: 

Paper bedpan, service pan can replace the stainless steel made one to avoid the cross-infection, it can discharge into the medical sewage system directly after consume. 

5.Paper pulp molding machine used in decoration:

A kind of paper mask, paper pumpkin, gift box and home decorators will be produced by reciprocating pulp molding machine, even most of them are seasonal items, but it can still reduce the resource waste in some degree.

We have different pulp molding machine to meets all your requirement on the final product, and FREE samples are available for your test. We are expert in the waste recycling solutions, always ready to share with you the ideas.

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