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What is Waste Paper Recycling?

What is Waste Paper Recycling? Author: Anna     Date: Sep 30,2019

With the rapid development of social economy, people's demand for paper resources is expanding. As we all know, paper comes from wood, which needs a long growth cycle and can not meet the rapid growth of people's needs in a short time. Therefore, recycling of waste paper has become one of the focuses of close attention all over the world. The following is the latest edition of the world's paper recycling data.

world's paper recycling data

What can we get from recycling waste paper?

Data shows that recycle 1 ton of waste paper can save 17 trees, save 3 cubic meters of landfill space, reduce the consumption of 240 kilograms of soda, reduce paper pollution emissions by 75%, save paper energy consumption by 40% - 50%. In addition to contributing to the environmental protection of the earth, we can recycle waste paper and process it into marketable goods to achieve economic benefits. Usually, each piece of paper can be recycled at least twice, and qualified fibers can be obtained by pretreatment of waste paper for the production of new commodities. So, what are the economic benefits of waste paper recycling? Here, for example, the industry will share with you several common paper recycling uses.

a. Making recycled paper

Manufacturing recycled paper is the most complex way to recycle waste paper, which is convert it into package paper, toilet paper, office paper, newsprint paper, corrugated paper and so on.

b. To make pulp paper trays or industrial packaging products

Turn waste paper into daily industrial packaging products is the most effective and cost-effective way currently, by pulping, shaping, drying and other series of processes to make qualified final products, such as egg trays, shoe brackets, fruit brackets, electronic products packaging, seedling trays, disposable medical supplies and so on.

c. Assist in improving soil structure

In some places, the land is compact and barren, so we can use the non-perishable property of waste paper to mix waste paper with organic fertilizer, and then mix it with the original soil. In a few months, the compacted soil will become soft and soft, suitable for planting various agricultural crops. And the output is very high.

After the above brief introduction, do you have a clearer understanding of the waste paper recycling industry? Our company has been working on paper recycling for 22 years, we have a rich overseas experience to share with you and look forward to cooperate with you.

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