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What Kind of Waste Wood Can be Recycled?

What Kind of Waste Wood Can be Recycled? Author: Anna     Date: Dec 10,2019

Waste wood is available everywhere in our daily life. It can be a tree branch, tree root, leftover (sawdust, chips) generates in the furniture or artificial board manufacturing process, abandon pallet or plank in the industrial logistics delivery, used woodcraft product, engineer waste, etc. Most of these wood waste ended with landfill, burn directly or sold with bottom price in the past time. With the development of economic and urgent environmental problem, people gradually acquire the importance of wood waste and make further study on each possible method to turn them into valuable products. That’s the start of a wood recycling business.

wood recycling business

Considering that all types of recycling solutions uses waste wood as raw material to make more valuable product through wood recycling machine. Thus, the waste wood quality is vital in the first step, we classify the waste wood into the following 3 grades by their different quality:  

Level 1: Waste wood went through mechanical treatment, without any chemical handling. For that, this kind of clean wood has lower moisture compared with logs after lumbering, which means a lower cost in the drying process. It’s very popular in the wood waste recycling field, such as animal bedding material, paper manufacturing, pallet block or compress pallet production, etc. 

Level 2: Waste wood has gone through lamination or painting but without any preservation additive. This kind of waste wood has been polluted to some degree, thus can be used to make biomass pellets, charcoal block or mixture in the compress pallet manufacturing, etc. 

Level 3: Waste wood with preservation additive. The preservation additive influence the wood fiber character dramatically, we do not suggest to recycle use it. 

Do you get any good ideas regarding with the waste wood recycling? Or that you have a plant of waste wood and want to start this business, please contact us, we have wood recycling equipment for sale and can supply customized professional advice.

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