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Wood Chips/Sawdust Dryer
Wood Chips/Sawdust Dryer
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Wood Chips/Sawdust Dryer

Configuration: Airflow dryer, drum dryer, electromagnetic dryer and tube bundle dryer.

Input: sawdust, wood chips, wood flakes, wood shavings and other granules or chunks type material.

Final moisture after drying: as required, standard range from 1-15%.

Capacity: 300kg-10T/h, can be customized

Heating source: wood pellet, coal, diesel oil or natural gas for option.


Rotecho can supply the most energy-saving & efficient drying equipment for different materials.

Wood Sawdust Dryer Machine Introduction

Wood chip dryer also named as dryer, that is widely used to lower the moisture of various material, such as wood chips, sawdust, wood shaving, organic material, plant fiber, sand, sludgy etc. Rotecho have a wealthy experience in providing drying machinery for wood waste materials which is mainly as the feed-stock in the pressed wood pallet production, wood pallet block production and particle board production, etc.

Currently, based on market demanding, Rotecho offers four types dryer for option:

1. Airflow dryer: It have limits in the feeding material size.

2. Rotary drum dryer: The very common type dryer in the industrial production, lower cost with high efficiency.

3. Electromagnetic dryer: Adopt electromagnetic heating method and use separated temperature control system.

4. Tube bundle dryer: Indirect drying, conduction oil as medium.

Either of them can be matched with different heating resource, and a series of elements will affect the drying proposal which include wood material size, input and output moisture requirement, production line capacity required, space limit results etc.

Wood Chips/Sawdust Dryer
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