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In ROTECHO you will see complete wood recycling solutions which covers household and industrial scale. All those solutions aim to recycle waste wood into different engineered-wood products with extensive market prospect by extruding and hot pressing technology. The raw material can be sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, used pallet, tree branches, used wood package, yarn trimming, wood residues from timber plant or furniture factory, etc. In the recycling production, all the materials will be processed into proper size and moisture by our special designed wood chipper, crusher and chip dryer, then get high-valued wood products by different wood press machine.


In order to help you choose the suitable machine, we divided our wood press equipment into three types on the basis of different characters of final product and industry.


Our biomass wood pellet mill is specially designed to convert various wood waste and agriculture waste into biomass fuel pellet, it is renewable energy in replace of fossil fuel and coal, which is widely used in home warming, fireplace and power plant, etc.


Include wood sawdust block making machine and compressed wood pallet machine/production line.
Wood sawdust block making machine can make sawdust blocks/log/feet as the vertical supporting nailed into wooden pallets, features with free fumigation, water proof and high density with 550-650kg/m³.
Compressed wood pallet machine/production line is used to make one-time forming molded non-fumigation pallets, which can greatly save transportation cost and packing cost, it's the ideal alternative of raw wood pallet while its loading capacity range from 1.5-4T. 


Our particleboard and MDF manufacturing plant can help you to get qualified wood-based panels for further veneer processing or directly sold as decoration and building materials. The only difference between them is the board structure and investment cost.

If you have any confusion about the raw material, recycling manufacturing process or final product, please contact us freely for the confirmation.

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