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Wood Recycling

Wood Recycling


Recycling waste wood is highly beneficial and old timber can be used without felling of more trees, it can also reduce the need for new landfills, maintain air quality, reduce green house effect and soil erosion, meanwhile it plays an important role in circular economy, especially with the development of logistics, wooden packing and board industry. But it's a pity that there are billions tons of waste wood and timber are discarded and wasted all over the world every year. In Rotecho's view, wood is one of the precious gift from the nature, in most all wood's forms after use within manufacturing process is no longer a waste but resource where it is a revenue generator to a business. At industrial scale, waste wood can be converted to a wide variety of secondary products and all these products have widely application and good market prospect.


As a manufacturer in wood processing industry since 1998, we have mature technology and rich experience in wood recycling solution, we know the waste wood characters exactly and can optimize the recycling value with lower investment and higher benefit. Rotecho provide stand-alone machinery, complete production line and turn-key project for small and industrial scale user. In addition, we also supply the service for retrofitting your existing facility, there will be one you are interested in.

Wood Pellet Machine

Wood pellet machine is designed with flat-die technology to make biomass pellets with high heating value, which is widely used as fuel in power plant, boiler factory and household furnace warming. It's the great helper for your household waste and agricultural waste.

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Wood Sawdust Block Making Machine

Wood sawdust block making machine is used to make pallet blocks/feet/logs which can be nailed into whole pallets for supporting purpose. The final block is very strong and durable with 550-650kg/m³ density to realize the higher loading capacity.

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Compressed Wood Pallet Production Line

Compressed wood pallet production line is specially designed to produce one-time forming compressed wood pallet from wood, agricluture and other rich fiber content wastes. The final pallet is free of fumigation and higher loading capacity range from 1.5-4T. 

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Particleboard manufacturing plant

Particleboard manufacturing plant uses wood waste as raw material to produce particle board by chipping, crushing, drying, pressing, trimming and sanding process, the final board has a widely application, such as furniture, decorator, flooring, outdoor engineering etc.

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MDF Board Manufacturing Plant

MDF Board manufacturing plant can process the waste wood into wood fibers, with the assist of special glue and heating pressure to create a tight bonding board with smooth surface. Its density is higher than particle board. 

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Wood Recycling
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Wood Recycling
Thanks for your constant attention and efforts in the waste resource recycling industry, let's work together to create a greener planet for our future generations.